Volunteer Program

Personal Approach Volunteering

You may not change the world, but you will certainly make someone’s life a little easier by joining our volunteer programs. Volunteering will improve your Spanish and leave you with a wealth of local culture.

Spanish Language Schools Volunteer
Spanish Language Schools Volunteer

Afternoon Programs:

Student Teacher: You will be assigned to the public elementary school to work as a teacher’s aide, teaching English, helping with homework assignments, coaching physical education, leading arts and crafts, and more.

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Senior Assisted Living Center:

There's no greater need in the community than for our seniors living at the Center.   The residents are always appreciative of visits, and chance to play some cards or have an interesting conversation.  Volunteers will learn a lot of family history, our community, as well from the life experiences.

Spanish Schools Volunteer

Multi-day programs


Learn Spanish and Volunteer

National Park Program:

At nearby Barra Honda National Park, volunteers assist the park rangers in various activities including maintaining the trails. The student's cost is $30 per day. Students must be able to communicate in basic Spanish. Minimum three day commitment.

Ostional Turtle Reserve:

This program involves many interesting tasks in protecting the Olive Ridley Turtles such as monitoring the beaches at night, cleaning the beaches, helping the turtles, and making signs.
You’ll enjoy interacting with the local people in Ostional and being a part of their community.

The student's cost is $30 per day with a minimum ten day commitment.

Spanish Schools Volunteer

With our volunteer programs we should have at least 30 days prior notice.
Not all programs may be available throughout the year.